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Do the ROT thing, Compost!

Don't miss this interactive program that will teach your students how carbon and nitrogen elements can turn into rich compost that benefits our environment. Most supplies will be provided so each student can start their own compost container right in your classroom and then watch the decomposition process. A few food scraps (cut up fresh vegetable and fruit scraps collected from the school cafeteria) will need to be provided for this activity.

Activity provided by  Keep Cass County Beautiful

Organic Compost

Activity Procedure

Follow the links below to view the lesson plan and procedure instructions.

Lesson Plan- Coming Soon


  • Activity Sheets

  • Quart-sized Ziploc Bag

  • Shredded Newspaper

  • Garden Soil

  • Chopped Dry Leaves

  • 3 Plastic Spoons

  • Sawdust Wood Chips

  • Spray Bottle full of Water

Additional Resources

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