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Small Bow, Big Adventure

The physics of archery can be a fun and educational way to learn about history, the physics of potential and kinetic energy, and potentially a new life skill. Archery as a sport has been around for over ten thousand years. Some of the earliest known peoples relied on bow and arrows for survival and protection. In this activity, Students will create their own miniature bow and arrow from a Popsicle stick, floss, and a q-tip.

Archery Board nature

Activity provided by  Nebraska Game and Parks

Activity Procedure

Follow the link below to view the lesson plan and procedure instructions.



  • Popsicle Stick

    • With notches cut into both sides on top and bottom​

    • Popsicle stick needs to soak for at least one hour before activity

  • Non-waxed Floss or String

  • Q-tips with one end cut off

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